Who Are We?

We are a small family business offering Besopke freestanding kitchens along with bespoke and upcycled furniture.
Our bespoke kitchens are assembled by hand in our workshop based in the historic town of faversham. Supporting local trades and locals craftsmen, giving back to the community, we aim to help everyone.

We are not just a company that focuses on the high end trade, we also have kitchen products to suit everyone. No kitchen project is too big or too small and can cater for all budgets.
Our high street shop displays our latest new bespoke kitchen designs, along with our bespoke tables, benches, chairs dressers , sideboards each piece is unique whether made by us or lovingly restored.

What Makes Us Different?

​Furniture is more to us than just stock we buy and sell. Being a small family-run business, we’re involved in each stage of the production process from sourcing materials and hand crafting each item you see, to delivering it to your home and offering advice on the best way to care for it. We started in 2012 with the vision to produce high-quality, responsibly sourced bespoke furniture to last a lifetime. Four years later we opened our shop in Faversham offering tables, chairs, benches, dressers and sideboards. Since then with the support of our local customers, we were able to expand, offering an extensive wide range of bespoke furniture including our kitchen range.

Our Process

​Click on the icons below to find out more about each stage of our production process.

  • Sourcing

    The first stage of our production process is sourcing. We source our materials locally and responsibly for several reasons. Firstly, we like to know where our materials have come from. This not only lets us know the materials have been responsibly and legitimately produced, but we also find out a bit more about the uniqueness of those materials. Previous materials we’ve used include railway sleepers which we produced a beautiful set of wall shelves for a railway cottage from! Something that wouldn’t be possible without the personal approach we take to our sourcing process.
    All materials we source are inspected thoroughly to ensure they are up to scratch. We use a five-point quality inspection process to guarantee the materials we curate will produce only the highest possible quality end-product. For woods we acquire, this inspection includes grain-analysis where we check to see whether there is any irreversible damage to the grain of the wood and analyse the knot placements to work out whether the material will be suitable for the products we envision.
    We pay fair prices for fair quality materials. Not only does this encourage our suppliers to continue business and therefore support the local economy. But this also acts as an incentive for local people to think about bringing materials to us, so they may be up-cycled and re-used rather than burning or scrapping them. Doing so would be damaging the environment, putting more strains on local waste management company and council resources.

  • Design

    Equipped with the knowledge of our responsibly sourced materials, we set to work designing the products which will find their place in our shop. The design stage of our production process is one of the most creative stages of the procedure.
    Often, our customers will approach us with an idea in mind of the kind of product they are looking for, the features they would like and the customisations they desire to make it personal to them and their home. Taking this feedback, we’re able to match customers to the perfect materials with the best-fitting background stories and begin designing the products according to these.
    It is this personal relationship we maintain with our customers which separates us from regular high-street furniture and kitchen stores. We’re able to offer full customisation with every specific detail, to give our customers the exact product they envision, to match their décor perfectly! We pride ourselves on this unique selling point, and it’s this alone which keeps our customers coming back.

  • Production

    With our sketches and blueprints in hand, we set to work hand-crafting our local materials into the unique products our customers love. Father Ian has trained his son Jacob in the art of traditional carpentry to produce each product to the level of quality and intricate attention that we do. Jacob works in our Faversham workshop along with a dedicated team of professional craftsmen, where every piece of furniture and kitchen begins its life.
    The first stage is preparation of the materials we use. This includes sanding, cutting, gluing and welding materials to achieve the structure as per our custom designs. It’s essential this process is carried out by hand and to traditional carpentry methods, and it is this which helps us to ensure the final product is as high-quality and represents our customers specifications as best as it possibly can before the next stage begins.
    We then test the rigidity of the furniture and kitchens in this state, we call this form the product ‘carcass’ and have a stringent twenty-point check system to ensure the structural integrity of every piece of furniture and kitchen which is built in our workshop. Once we’re happy the product meets our quality standards, it’s over to Ashley in the detailing workshop to apply paints, waxes, lacquer and finishes to the products. Ashley has years of experience painting in many industries, and it’s this alone which makes him an essential member of our team, allowing us to achieve the exact finish envisioned by our customers.
    Once finished, it’s time to assemble and add the finishing details and touches to our products. This stage is also carried out by hand, before a final ten-point quality inspection process is completed to ensure only the highest quality products leave our workshop.

  • Installation

    The final stage of our process is the installation of our kitchens and furniture in your home. This stage is what allows us to ensure the final product is fitted perfectly to last a life-time. Whether this be mounting your bespoke shelving to your walls, fitting your kitchen, or fixing your garden benches securely to your decking, we’re trained to ensure a stress-free and seamless installation should you choose us to do so.
    It’s during this stage where we consult you on your new product, teaching you the best ways to care for the materials and finishes you have chosen, so that the longevity of the product may be maintained for a lifetime!

Recent Kitchens and Furniure

​Click on the images below to explore some of our recent kitchens and furniture.