General Terms & Conditions

Dear Customers,

We wish to clarify a few important points with you when placing an order with us.

It is part of the attraction of new and reclaimed timber that is a natural product.
All timber has a variation of colour, tone, grain and finish.

Due to the age of the reclaimed timber, it can be twisted and not perfect, although every step is taken to avoid this sometimes this just not avoidable.
The effect of adding paint or wax can lead to slight variations of shade between items.

We will attempt to match colour and shade to give as good as copy as possible.

When furniture and fittings are supplied to order.

1/ Provide accurate measurements of size
(If in doubt please ask us for arrange a site survey)

2/ We do not project manage or give advise as to fitting, we do however provide contact details of professional fitting and installation service where advise would then be given.

3/ We do not give warranty to items not manufactured by us ie sink, taps.

4/ Any alterations made due to our error will be Bourne at our cost.
Any alterations after we have started production either as an additional , substitution or alteration made to an order, the cost will be Bourne by the customer (I.e. change to size , colour, finish etc).

5/ delivery times , subject to manufactured items are approximate.

6/ We will always contact our customers on the day of delivery to confirm.

7/ Payment details, we will take a third deposit when placing the order with us, a further third more, 2 weeks before completion date and the balance to be paid once delivered if SUPPLY only, if fitted once the fitter has completed the work and before he leaves.

This can be paid by cash, bank transfer, or building society cheque only.

8/ We guarantee our products for 5 years. Providing they have been fitted and installed correctly.
With wood being a living natural product some care has to be taken, we recommend that every 12 to 18 months , any worktops are re waxed, varnished ect. this is a service we can provide at a cost .

Your Statutory Rights are unaffected by these terms and conditions of trade and we hope you enjoy your purchase and our craftsmanship for years to come.

Comptons Furniture

Last modified: 08/03/2019